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Easy VPS Hosting

Do you need more resources than our shared hosting plans provide?
But, would you like to avoid the headaches of configuring and managing your own server?

Then please consider an Easy VPS from YoHost. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, sometimes known as Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS). It gives the same flexibility as a dedicated server, but it is more affordable because there is less hardware for us to manage, and software licensing costs are much lower.

Easy VPS works just like our standard reseller plan, and in fact will be configured as a reseller account in our Helm 3 control panel, but with one big difference: All of your websites (and your customers' websites) will be hosted on your own virtual server.

You can use Remote Desktop to set up extra software and administer the operating system directly ... but you don't need to.

You can use the ColdFusion Administrator to configure the exact settings you want to use ... but you don't need to.

You can run your own mail, database, FTP, stats, and DNS servers ... but you don't need to.

Easy VPS Basic Account: $195/month

512 MB RAM
25 GB disk space (including the operating system)
768 Kbps bandwidth (equivalent to 237 GB per month if fully used)
5 IP addresses
Use our SQL Server (up to 20 Microsoft SQL databases)
Use our SmarterMail service (up to 20 domains)
Use our SmarterStats service (up to 20 domains)
Use our FTP service (up to 20 domains)
ColdFusion 9 or 11 Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2016 or 2019 Standard Edition
We will install MySQL on your server if needed
Server monitoring available


Daily backups = $20/month
Extra 256 MB RAM = $60/month
Extra 5 GB disk space = $20/month (or $30/month if daily backups are activated)
Extra 256 Kbps bandwidth = $20/month (when prepaid)
Extra 10 domains (with mail, FTP, SmarterStats, two SQL databases per domain) = $20/month
Extra 5 IP addresses = $30 setup charge

Burstable Bandwidth Option: If your bandwidth exceeds your allotment, you will be charged an extra 15¢ per Kbps used in a month, based on 95th percentile usage .
Rate-limited Bandwidth Option: Your data transfer will be limited to according to your bandwidth allotment. With this option there is no possibility of bandwidth overage charges, but you will notice slowness if your websites become too busy.
No Free Trial: Please note, VPS accounts are not eligible for the two-week free trial offer.

To order your Easy VPS:

Please email us or give us a call at 1-831-316-4678.
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