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YoHost Windows Hosting FAQ: PHP

How can I configure the Return-path of email I am sending via PHP?

  One way is to use this command: ini_set ( 'sendmail_from', 'sender@senderdomain.com' );

Another way is to configure the sendmail_from setting in a custom php.ini file in your wwwroot directory.

I require a special installation of PHP, or I need specific settings in php.ini. Can you help?

  Yes, you can install a custom php.ini in your wwwroot directory (or in the root directory for any subdomain). Contact support if you want us to provide a template for you to edit.

I am having issues using cURL connection to a secure (https) website.

  On Windows servers it is necessary to use an appropriate ca-bundle.crt file, such as this one. Save the file to your directory and add the following code to your script, changing $ch and the path as appropriate:
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CAINFO, "E:/webs/yourdomain.com/path/to/your/ca-bundle.crt");

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