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YoHost Windows Hosting FAQ: Email

How do I set up a POP3 email account?

  In the Control Panel, click on Domains, then click on the appropriate domain. Click on Email Accounts (POP3), then Add New.

What settings should I use in my email client to check mail?

  First, you will need to decide which method to use for incoming mail, POP or IMAP. For most users, we recommend POP (also known as POP3).

IMAP stores all mail on the server which can lead to high disk space usage.

POP downloads the mail to your computer. Most POP clients can be configured to delete the mail from the server, either immediately upon download, or after a specified number of days.

For secure SSL connection, we recommend the following settings:

Incoming mail server settings
Account type: POP or IMAP
Incoming mail server hostname: mail.win-dns.com
Username: your full email address
Password: your email password, as configured in SolidCP Control Panel
Incoming server port: 995 (if using POP) or 993 (if using IMAP)
Incoming server authentication method: Password (or) Clear text (or) APOP
Incoming mail server supports SSL: Yes

Outgoing mail server settings
Outgoing server hostname: mail.win-dns.com
Outgoing server port: 465
The outgoing mail server supports SSL: Yes
Outgoing server authentication type: Password (or) MD5
Outgoing server requires authentication (username and password): Yes (same as incoming)

How can I use WebMail?

  You can login to WebMail at http://mail.yourdomain.com (using mail with your own domain name).

Does your system offer protection against incoming spam?

  Yes, incoming mail passes through gateway servers that block most spam and also provide redundancy for the most reliable mail. The gateway servers use a combination of greylisting, RBL checks, and SpamAssassin to reject most spam during the SMTP dialog.

Can I configure the behavior of the anti-spam gateway servers?

  Yes, you can:
  • turn greylisting on or off
  • turn RBL checks on or off
  • turn SpamAssassin on or off
  • configure a minimum SpamAssassin score for rejecting mail
  • configure a minimum SpamAssassin score for tagging the mail subject line
  • whitelist domains, email addresses, and IP addresses
Use the Anti-spam Settings link on the righthand side of the SolidCP control panel.

If I use WebMail, will all mail remain on the server indefinitely?

  By default, Deleted Items and Sent Mail are "autocleaned" which means that mail will be deleted after the folder reaches a certain size. To modify this configuration, log into Webmail and go to Settings -> My Folder Auto-clean.

By default, other mail will be retained as long as the domain remains on the server. If desired, you can use an "auto-clean" setting for the other folders, or we can auto-delete the mail files for your domain after a specified number of days. (If your domain is storing an extremely large amount of mail, we may contact you to request that you use this setting.)

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