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YoHost Windows Hosting FAQ: Databases

What version of MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server do you run?

  As of 2018, we offer a choice of MySQL 5, SQL Server 2008, or SQL Server 2016.

How do I set up a MySQL or MS SQL database and ODBC DSN?

  In the Control Panel, click on Domains, then click on the appropriate domain.
Click on Advanced Settings, then Database Manager, then Add New.
Choose Microsoft SQL Server 2000, and type a name for your database. Click on Save.
Under Database Users, click on Add New to create a user for your database.
Choose a name and password for your Database User. Click on Save.

How can I set up an ODBC DSN for my database?

  First set up a database as described above, or upload an Access database to the db directory that was provided for your domain. Then use the control panel to add the DSN, under Domains→yourdomain.com→ODBC DSNs→Add New.

How can I set up a datasource for my ColdFusion application?

  First set up an ODBC DSN as described above. Then, see instructions or complete the form on the ODBC DSN page in the control panel.

Can I use a connection string in ColdFusion to access my database?

  No, you will need to set up a ColdFusion datasource as described above. Then you can use a tag of the form <CFQuery DataSource="DSNName"< or <CFQuery DataSource="DSNName" UserName="DBUser" Password="Password">.

I have a database set up under one domain, but I want to access the database from another domain. Can you help?

  Yes, please contact Support with the details, and we will modify the permissions or CF sandbox as needed. Please provide a link to a URL that shows any permission error that you are encountering.

Can you provide any tools for managing MySQL databases?

  Yes, phpMyAdmin is available. You can use the link provided in the control panel, or contact Support for details.

Can I use Enterprise Manager or SSMS to administer my MS SQL databases?

  Yes, please contact Support for instructions.

Can you provide any other tools for managing MS SQL databases?

  Yes, we provide Web Data Administrator for SQL Server 2000 and MyLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2008. You can use the link provided in the control panel, or contact Support for details.

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