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YoHost Windows Hosting FAQ: ColdFusion

What version of ColdFusion do you run?

  As of 2018, we offer a choice of ColdFusion 11 or ColdFusion 9.

Can I use the CFFile and CFDirectory tags?

  Yes. Our servers run ColdFusion Enterprise with sandbox security enabled.

Can I use the CFFTP tag on your server?

  Yes. Be sure to specify passive="yes" in every CFFTP instance. This is required because we use sandbox security.

Do you provide any image processing tools?

  Yes, ColdFusion 9 and 11 include built-in tools for image processing.

Do you allow scheduled tasks?

  Yes, we can set up a scheduled task for you or you can use CFSchedule. (Please include your domain name in the name of your task.) Note, if your task is very resource-intensive, there is some possibility that we will ask you to remove it, in order to assure the most reliable service for other customers.

How can I make my database-driven site more efficient?

  Many sites can benefit from ColdFusion's query caching feature. For example, using
<cfquery name="whatever" cachedwithin="#CreateTimeSpan(0,0,15,0)#">,
the query results will be cached for 15 minutes to avoid excessive database queries.

Also, in most cases we recommend using MySQL 5 or SQL Server for your database.
(Microsoft Access is not recommended for busy sites.)

Do you allow me to send mail using CFMail?

  Yes. We recommend omitting the server option, in order to use the defaults that we have set up in the ColdFusion Administrator. The defaults include localhost and one or more backup mail servers.

Are J2EE Session Variables enabled?

  Yes, on our ColdFusion 8 and 9 servers only.

How does your system handle Client Variables?

  By default, Client Variables are stored in cookies. If you would prefer to use a database, please contact Support for assistance. (We do not allow ClientStorage="registry")

Can you set up a custom mapping or custom tags directory for my domain?

  You can use an application.cfc document to set up a mapping and/or custom tag directory for your domain.

But usually this is not necessary, because on our system "/" automatically points to the wwwroot directory for your domain.

I need to use a special font with the CFDocument tag. Can you help?

  Yes, if you can provide the font, we can install it on the server for you, subject to any licensing restrictions.

Can you host the FarCry content management system?

  Yes. If you want to run FarCry, please contact Support to set up your domain for you.

Can you install a CFX tag for me?

  These are considered on an individual basis. Please contact Support with the details.

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